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But he warns teens not just to hone in on the sector because of career prospects, but to study something they enjoy.

"Not everybody needs to be a techy, there are areas where you need communication skills like project management," he said.

"But in return we are losing expensively educated nurses and engineers who are enriching Australia and Canada." Thousands of new jobs are being created in Ireland's growing digital economy, for tomorrow's IT graduates, experts claim.

A rise in online spending, the roll-out of faster broadband, and expansions by some of the biggest hitters in the sector – in systems, software, cloud computing, big data analytics, social technologies and IT security – will go some way to tackle our unemployment rate.

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5 Technical Support: Service provided by a hardware or software company to support users and customers after a package is on the market.

In the future, the notion a neat career with a clearly defined start, middle and end will soon go the same way.

1 IT project management: You don't necessarily need a degree in IT for this, it's about communication, planning and organisation. 2 Anthropology: The study of people can take you into almost any career path, anywhere in the world, including education, health care, museum curation, social work, international development, government, organisational psychology, non-profit management, marketing, publishing and forensics.

Ireland's internet economy is set to more than double in value by 2020, to just over €21bn, with up to 79,000 new jobs to be added, according to a recent study by UPC.

However, many jobs being filled here at the moment did not exist 20 years ago, and it is believed an estimated 60pc of the jobs in 10 years' time have not been invented yet.

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